Sunday, September 23, 2007

This Morning

I woke up this morning and noticed before even getting out of bed...something was not right....something was off....

Sebastian is *always* sleeping in his cat bed in the morning, and as soon as I start to stir, he hops up! This morning he was no where to be found. I got up and checked all his favorite spots in our room. Nothing. I knew he was in the room when I went to bed. I walked downstairs perplexed.

There at the bottom of the stairs were the two biggest, roundest eyes looking up at me. As I rounded the corner, a black torpedo streaked up the stairs.

Uh Oh...

I continued downstairs to find the mess! Sebastian stays in the room with us at night because he is known to start trouble with the other cats. I found... tuffets of hair... turned over plants... dirt on the floor... and dirty kitties! All evidence of the trouble that started last night.

After a cat bath and some sweeping, we were good as new.

But how did Sebastian get out?

Apparently our adventurous teenage cat snuck out of our room last night! It was dark when Tim came to bed, and Sebastian took this opportunity to dart out of the room. He was actually waiting by the door to do this, we know because Tim accidentally kicked him when he was underfoot.

I know what you're thinking.... he's a cat...he didn't do it on purpose.
Ha, naive human!

Sebastian thinks over his choices.

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