Thursday, September 20, 2007


Tim & I are both very loyal souls.

We are, of course, devoted whole heartedly to each other without question. If you've ever been out to eat with us, you probably know that we are also very loyal with our choice of beverage. When buying a soda, Tim & I will without fail try to order a Barq's Rootbeer... we like the Barq's 'bite,' no other rootbeer is acceptable. I have been carded *no lie* for ordering a Barq's Rootbeer. Something about ordering it by name...

Our latest obsession? Velda Chocolate Milk. It is, of course, the brand that was (and is) served in millions of schools nationwide. It is smooth & creamy...and hormone free! I will still stir up a glass of Nesquik, but among pre-mixed Chocolate milks... only Velda is acceptable!

This endorsement expresses the sole opinion of the Head Kook.

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