Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Flowers at Dawn

While the rest of the world rushed off to work/school, I was peacefully taking pictures of my plants! As with any job, I've learned that working from home has both 'pits' and 'perks.'

This is a perk! :o)

* Mexican Petunias *
I love the texture of their blooms! These guys are about 2 feet tall and will eventually line the back section to one of our flower-beds. They flower all morning long, but around 4 pm their blooms close up (Mental note: If I were still teaching I would only see these bloom on the weekends...could you imagine the hours of unappreciated beauty that I would miss?!?)

* More Petunias *
I'm not sure of their 'proper' name, but Petunias are my favorite! They are so cute & the butterflies LOVE them. I still have elaborate plans for building a beautiful self-sustaining butterfly garden for 'Painted Ladies' (aka Cosmopolitan butterflies). The petunias will be feeder plants for the butterflies while I'll also add in some Mallow plants to 'host' the caterpillars.

* Begonias *

We are adding the Begonias to line the sidewalk along the front flower beds. We like them for their all-the-time color! These were a GIFT from Bobbie! She gave us about 12 fully mature plants...for free!

* The Holly Tree *
The Holly Tree is making quite a comeback after the shock of replanting it last winter. This one was also a gift...this time from our from our neighbor. He offered it to us when he re-landscaped his yard after moving in (...in December...we planted this guy on one of the coldest nights of the year!)

* Aztec Grass *

The Aztec Grass originally lined the front of our flower beds...chosen by the 'house fairies' who made all the spec decisions on our house. I'm sorry to say, we *hated* them! They blended with our St. Augustine grass and made the front of the flower bed look over grown. We pulled them up and stuck them in the pots... now we like 'em!

* Mums *

Obviously pre-plant, this is one of the two Mums plants we got (again a gift from Bobbie)! Right now it may look like a ball of dirt, twigs, and leaves.we cut off all the greenery to replant it. Give it until Halloween...our trick or treaters will get the pleasure of our Mums!

* ? *

I can't for the life of me remember the name of these flowers, but they sure are purrdy! We see them all the time in flower beds around town.

* Magnolia Trees *

Again they may not look like much now, but we *love* the almost purple color of a Magnolia Tree. Maybe it's because they match our Oyster plants! Maybe it's because Tim & I both spent our youngest years in Magnolia Country...South Carolina and Mississippi!

* ? *

Again, no idea of the name of this flower, but we like it! They're thriving in the pot with the purple petunias. Apparently Home Depot likes them too, they are all throughout their parking lot.

Update: These are officially named Lantana!!!

* The Bird Sanctuary *

Bird feeder, birdbath, Oyster plants, Mystery Bulbs, Petunias, and a Majesty palm.

We found a *great* deal on these little fences.


Cold Spaghetti said...

It all looks fantastic! Petunias and begonias are also two of my faves!

Do you know if your holly tree is male or female? It may be worth it to try to find out which and work out the details of where to plant the other sex in your yard so that you can get some red berries! (In the event that one of your close neighbors hasn't already helped you in this regard!)

Emily said...

I'm not sure if our Holly tree is male or female, but it had berries last year in Joseph's yard. I hope that means it will continue in our yard!! :o)

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