Friday, September 14, 2007

Call Me Grace

I know my house like the back of my hand.

For example, I know that there are exactly 12 steps from my bed to my bathroom sink. I also know there are a total of 19 steps going down the stairs. Or 14 steps from my favorite seat in the living room to the pantry. I can weave through these places in the dark, with my eyes closed, and a full glass of water. Why am I telling you this? As well as I know my house, I'm still a *klutz*! Anything on the floor out of the ordinary.... and I'm out of luck!

I feel down a few days ago and fell hard. It happened so fast I'm not fully sure what happened, but it involved... me walking out of our bedroom, Tim innocently opening the bedroom door, me jumping out of the way, a suitcase from our trip on the floor, a *big* thud. I didn't twist it, I fell directly on top of it...with all my weight. It was swollen quite quickly, and I had trouble putting weight on it for a few days. It's going down now, but it's also bruising....the entire top & side of my left foot. *Doh!*

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