Friday, August 17, 2007

Work and Play

Our trip was in the middle of the week so we ended up 'taking work with us.' Some of the best advise I think we've gotten ~ "your clients don't really care where you are or what your doing, they just want to know that their needs are going to be met with the same quality as always."

We had a fully functional and completely mobile office on the trip! It was a bit stressful... particularly on Tim who needed to fill several design orders & get them to various vendors ( between going to the beach, the pool, and playing guitar; Tim also sent 40+ business emails and fielded several phone calls on Day 2...including one at 10 pm!!). We were very happy to hear from reps when we got home... "you were gone? where'd you go?" Perfect. We had uninterrupted service...they didn't know we were miles from our office! :o)

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