Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cats Rule! Dogs Drool!

I've always wanted one. Always! I've tried to teach them with no luck (and not just my own...I've tried to teach roommates' and friends' cats too). I gave up a while ago. Hours of sitting on the floor enthusiastically throwing cat toys...only to have to walk and pick them up yourself...will do that. BUT I got a phone call while cleaning out the last of the stuff in my classroom, and guess what?!? Dog owners have nothing on us now... Why, you ask?

My cat can fetch!!!

It all started one day when Thomas was exploring our bathroom and found one of my headbands (the kind that look like giant rubberbands). He and this headband quickly became inseparable. He carries it around everywhere! It was so cute I even had to donate a couple more to him! We usually keep all of their cat toys in a basket together. Whenever I find these headbands around the house, I drop them into the basket. Every single night Thomas has knocked the basket over and pulled out his headbands. I find them all over the house again in the morning.

On this particular day, Tim picked one up and tossed it aside. At which time Thomas ran over, picked it up, and CARRIED IT BACK TO TIM!! He did it over and over again. And then when I got home, he did it for me too!! Who needs those stinky dogs?


Anonymous said...

Way to go Thomas!!!!!!!

Cold Spaghetti said...

Scout was a "fetch" cat -- at least, when he was younger, before he realized it had become the cool party trick -- and has the same infatuation: hair bands. Except with Scout, he'll find them in the middle of the night and walk around HOWLING with it, sounding as if someone is beating him senseless. We have to hide all toys, otherwise, risk him waking us up or worse, waking the kids up!

Walking on a leash was another trick. He also loves q-tips -- enough that he figured out how to open the bathroom drawer in Michigan to fish them out. We don't have bathroom drawers here, so we have moved to using the sealable q-tip bins and putting them up high.

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