Sunday, August 19, 2007

As the Garden Grows, so Does the Gardener

While the cats slept inside...

Tim & I spent a good part of Saturday and Sunday choosing and repotting several new additions to our yard. We added some more Petunias, a Red Banana Tree, and some Caladiums (pictures coming soon).

Over the last few weeks, we have gotten an intense crash course on plants from our friend, Bobbi. She is a wealth of knowledge and information on all things plants, and has sparked an interest and passion for Gardening that neither Tim nor I knew we had.

Our new birdbath, seen here, has been moved out next to our birdfeeder along with some Oyster plants and a Majesty Palm. I haven't taken pictures of the finished products yet...

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Anonymous said...

Your flowers/ yard look great. Love the bird bath. Mom

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