Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy 29th Birthday Tim!!!

On this day 29 years ago, the world was graced with the presence of a new baby boy! Today that baby boy looks 30 in the face and says, "I'm almost 30? What happened to 28?!?" Tim had his most honest-to-God-middle-age-moment this week. It lasted only a fleeting second, but it left him feeling bewildered and slightly senile.

Until a couple days ago, Tim was convinced that he was 27 years old turning 28. If you do the math, however, my self-proclaimed 27 year old husband is already 28. He's turning 29. He had a hard time accepting this at first, but I think he'll get through this birthday without purchasing any convertibles or boats! If only the same could be said for video games...

The Backpacker
Tim looked into getting a 'backpacker guitar' before the Grand Canyon trip, but wasn't sure if it could survive a week on the raft. Long story short, he didn't get it...

Luckily his parents got him one for his birthday!! Yesterday morning a package arrived containing Tim's Martin Backpacker Guitar! He was very excited, and pulled it out immediately to play! He reports that the sound is much better than the one he played in the store. Also the guitar strap actually fits him (the one in the store was way too small).

The body of the guitar is very small and the strings are much lighter than his 1970's Guild. I'm finding it much easier to play~ the body actually fits in my lap and the strings don't hurt my fingers! I've almost got the classic hit "Da Roof is on Fire" down! I'm sure most of you will be blessed with the presence of this guitar at some point as Tim is *very excited* to take it on the road!


Cold Spaghetti said...

Happy Birthday, Uncle Skip!

Will is now convinced that it is your birthday is everyday of the month of July, along with Aunt Emily. We explained that Aunt Emily's birthday was in November, same as his birthday. This was just fine to Will: now he's fully preparing to celebrate his and Aunt Emily's birthday. (Which, in Will logic, comes RIGHT AFTER Uncle Skip's birthday.) He even told us what kind of cakes he wants (yes, that is cakes, plural, because apparently he wants two.)

Happy Birthday! We love you!

Emily said...

A whole month of birthday fun AND two cakes!!
Where do I sign up?

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