Friday, June 1, 2007

One of the happiest days of my life...

Tim came home today from *the longest* time we've ever been apart!!!

I did something for the occasion that I never do ....
...put on makeup :)

Then I did something that I always do... kisses from a kitty (this one is Annabelle)!

I left Tim a man, but I picked him up...
... a mountain man!?!
For the record, I had travel-sized shaving supplies packed.
Tim decided those were "not essential."

What you see is all the *essentials* Tim took for the adventure!

Stories about the trip trickle out in no particular order. It's hard to express 8 days of new people, new experiences, and fantastic adventures!

Despite being outside of his "comfort zone," having a rough time with abdominal pains, and losing his wedding ring...Tim had an incredible experience!!! He met some great folks, saw magnificent sights, and experienced the great outdoors in ways he had never done before!!! Did I mention Tim had never been camping?

We are very happy to be back home together!!

Note the sandals that Tim is pulling off in the picture below and then keep reading.
Tim was *so happy* to be home...

...and see the kitties!!

Ok remember those sandals?
They have little openings on the top/sides.
Tim put sunscreen on his feet, but it got washed off from the water.
His feet got intensely sunburned... in a cute stripe pattern!!

More to come as pictures and stories emerge!

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