Monday, June 18, 2007

Go Team!

Tim and I make a good team.

Tim is... passionate, serious, dedicated, sometimes high-strung, ambitious, a Perfectionist with a capital P, a procrastinator, a leader, and super organized with things (paperwork, office supplies, etc).

I am...
industrious, open-minded, reliable, sometimes silly, a perfectionist with a lowercase p, NOT a procrastinator, tolerant, hard-working, and organized with the abstract (dates, names, etc).

We fit together like a (very complicated) puzzle!

I woke up this morning and "went to work"
(aka showered and walked out my bedroom door).

If you know Tim, you can probably guess that it is a *teeny* bit difficult for him to
entrust someone else to handle business affairs...even his wife, the person he plans to spend the rest of his life with! I'm just a perfectionist, he's a Perfectionist~ there's a big difference!

He has actually done very well in giving me certain tasks to call my own! I'm doing a lot of the less-design-intensive work while he can focus on the higher-end designs (...and along the way still some tying up some of my loose ends). We're also tweaking bookkeeping~ adding QuickBooks for Invoicing and Payroll. Our new toll free number is activated and working as of Friday! And all along the way I've been training...

We celebrated the end to a good work week last Friday with lunch at one of our favorites! We *love* to sit outside at The Loop in Fernandina. We call ahead and they have it ready when we get there (they know us now because of this!). They have the absolute best onion rings!! Seriously...the best! It was a great way to wrap up the week ...and may become a bit of a tradition!

P.S. No, I didn't cut my hair...these pictures are old! We didn't take the camera out on Friday. Next time...

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